I really feel….


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Like this blog has died a little. So I’m gonna be taking a new approach at this blogging thing. I’m going to completely revamp things. And let’s be honest here, this is -MY- parenting blog. Sorry Dad, but you’re just not posting…well, ever. So expect a lot of changes. Hopefully for the better.

I aimed for 1950’s housewife, hit the mark at Dolores Umbridge


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In an attempt to be a little more organized, I sat down and made myself a schedule as little dude snoozes away in the bedroom. Is it crazy though that looking at this schedule I am utterly terrified? I attempted to make my schedule a harmless and feminine pink. Instead of feeling housewife-y and lovely while looking at it, I feel a little like Dolores Umbridge.


Okay, now it’s even scarier.


Nonetheless, I also feel a little refreshed. There is it, a list of exactly what I need to do all day, in order to keep my house clean. Well, here’s hoping it works. I’ll be documenting my progress, at any rate.


Now then, what do you do to keep yourself more organized?

And so a year has passed…


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Not since I first made this blog… but since my son was born. It has gone by so quickly. And so I decided this post will be full of lists.

Things we’ve done over the past year:

Of course, I gave birth. We came home from the hospital. Jason and I officially started dating. We took a trip to Charleston. We went to Baby and me Story Time. Twice. We played in the snow. We made a plan for the future. We got 3 new roommates and lost one. We rode a bike. We saw a movie. We watched Maverick take his first steps. Even if he still isn’t walking. We had a cake. I took up photography. We visited the park. We spent three days and two nights without Daddy. Maverick spent the night away from us.

Ways that I have changed in the past year, since becoming a mother:

Poop and puke doesn’t phase me in the slightest, assuming it comes from my troll prince. I cry 157930217509325x easier now. I don’t mind looking like a fool in public as long as my child laughs. On the other hand I don’t mind looking like a bum in public anymore either because we were having so much fun tickling each other that I didn’t remember to put on make up. I want to go straight to the toy section or baby section in stores. Granted I always wanted to go to the toy section but now it’s for ages 1+. I’m excited when it’s sunny. Because it means two things. We can have an adventure. And I can take great photos of him while we do it. I am always clothes shopping. For Maverick. I evaluate every single thing I do, wondering how Maverick will see it or hear what I say. How it will affect him. How it will affect his future. I want to lose weight. To be healthier for him, not to look better in the mirror. I want to eat healthier so that he’ll eat healthier. Drool doesn’t affect me in the slightest due to the open mouthed kisses and teething bites I’ve gotten. But the way I’ve changed most drastically….

I love kids. All kids. My kids. Friends’ kids. Stranger’s kids. I just love them.

Things Maverick is able to do/is doing:

Rolling over both ways. Sitting up. Pulling himself to a standing position. Standing up without holding on to anything. Picking things up with his thumb and pointer finger. Brushing his hair. Eating solids. Still breastfeeding. Drinking from a sippy cup. Dancing. Clapping. Copying gestures like a shrug or clapping. Clapping when I say “yaay!”. Cruising while holding on to things. Walking while I hold his hand. Pointing at objects. Pointing at the dog when I say dog. Forming attachments to his rubber ducky and his monster. Playing with a vtech tablet. Playing with a drum. Playing with cars. Scribbling on the chalktable with chalk. Recognizing the word diaper. Waving hello. Giving open mouth kisses. Sitting and holding onto his bouncey horse, and making himself bounce. Putting balls into the hole on his walker. Pushing himself around with his push walker. Doing things specifically because they made me laugh. Learning how to recognize when he is full. Copying faces I make. Picking up his own food. Being able to recognize a pattern, like when we play peekaboo between the doors, he knows that I will peek my head out one side and then run to the other side and peek out. Chewing with his front two teeth.

My studio has turned into a baby play room but as baby/child photography is my main passion, I don’t really mind much. At the least it makes for magnificent photo props. Anyway, I should be cleaning the house a little and getting in a nap. So hopefully, the troll prince will cooperate with me on that.


A letter to my one year old


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[[I apologize, it’s been a terribly hectic first year and as such I’ve fallen behind a great deal on this blog. None the less, I hope to change that.]]


My dearest Maverick,

At the end of this week you will have been outside my body and on this magnificent world, an entire year. An entire, wonderful year of kissing your toes, nibbling your fingers, staring into your eyes, and pinching your cheeks. A year of cuddles, and singing, and giggles. You have gained two new teeth, many new curls, and quite a bit of inches and pounds. You’ve said Mama, Dada, Baba, Da [[dog]], and Ba [[ball]]. You have yet to take more than three steps at a time, but we have plenty of time for that. I cannot wait until it is warm again, mon petite. We’ll swing at the park, go for a swim… We’ll explore nature and music and our imaginations. I have such high hopes for you little one. I want to teach you to respect your elders. And your lovers, male or female. And all animals you meet. All bugs, all nature, all people. I hope you enjoy reading, even a fraction as much as I do. And that you enjoy art or music, though you already dance nearly 24/7 and you absolutely adore your little drum. I hope to put you in music classes soon. Mommy and me music time. I pray that you learn to respect your lovers’ bodies and choices. That I only have to tell you no means no once, and that you never think pushing a girl [or boy] on the playground is an appropriate way to show them you like them. Boys will be boys is not anything I plan to use to justify such behavior. I hope you learn to respect all races and all religions as you, yourself are many races and I am still not sure if I believe in any religion. I hope that should you discover you like boys, or to wear pretty dresses, you never think you must hide that from your father or I, because we will always accept you, and always love you. I hope you are a better person in school than I was. I never stood up for the other children who were bullied and I pray that you will. And not only that but reach out to them. When you see a kid eating alone, I hope you would join them, make friends with them. I hope you remember to forgive others for their mistakes and not to hold grudges, because I am sure we have and will make many mistakes as far as raising you. But I also hope that you don’t let those who have hurt you, simply walk all over you. I hope you always stay as silly and friendly and happy and sweet as you are now. I’ll have you know that you can sleep in our bed for as long as you like, because as a wise man on tumblr once said, you will hopefully have a long and full life, and eleven years out of 70/80/90 years is just a blink in time, and one day when you’re too old for mommy to kiss you in front of your friends I’ll be wishing you were back in my bed, cuddled close, and waking me up with kisses. I hope this year we can take you to Disney and you’ll get to experience the magic I missed because I was too naive and thought Disney was for babies. I hope that when you look through photos of when you were young, you understand that the reason Mum mum isn’t in them with you is because she loved knowing she would have all these memories preserved to look back on and you’ll know that she was still playing with you when the camera was turned off. I hope that you are never pressured by my hopes for you, and that you know and believe you can be anything you wish to be. I hope that when I upset you, you understand you can talk to me about it, and you know that I am only trying to give you the best. After all, your mum mum is only human, and you are her entire world. You are her sunshine. I love you, little one. And I hope that our years to come are as bright and happy as our first has been.

My eternal love,


“No Sir!”


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It’s been a while. Well, I’m here to update. We are still using Alvababy cloth diapers during the day. Which we love.  Today Maverick ate a book. Or at least…he got it soggy and peely. [[It was a cardboard book.]] I spend a lot of my time repeating the phrase “No sir.” as little Troll Prince is now crawling EVERYWHERE. As well as getting into everything he can get his hands on. Headset cords, dog food bowls, pieces of tiny bits of fluff or whatever else he can find on the floor. Of course Mama Lioness has become a pro at handling these situations. Whereas Daddy still panics if something goes into the mouth before he can stop it, in swoops Mama to scoop it out the mouth. It’s a bit past the little’s bedtime, but today’s been weird with his naps so hopefully he’ll wear himself out. And Mama is running out of breath chasing him down in between sentences.  He’s taken to saying Mamamamama. And he is still as attached as ever. Still breastfeeding too!

In a week and a half I start working from home. And in four days I travel cross country away from my son to pick up my dearest friend and bring her back as my live in nanny. I hope she’s prepared for my little hellion. And I hope he’s prepared to face his separation anxiety.

7 months and 2 weeks old.


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So, we have been a bit lacking on posting some updates here but that is ok. You’re about to get some good info from me.

We’ve got 1 top tooth and 2 bottom teeth starting to work their way out of the gums, which is being  both very exciting and very cranky times. But, he is a a trooper, our little Maverick and keeps his cranky times to a minimum.

Other Notes:

Alva Diapers are a god send.
Pampers are the way to go.
Binkie’s are a must.
Sleepy time music or White Noise is another must.

And for the dad’s out there: Don’t get upset because all your little one wants is his mamma…especially if she is breast feeding. Its only because of the food that you get ignored. Once you start feeding your little one you’ll have no more issues on the attention front.

My heart breaks.


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No one ever told me upset it would make me to see other parents’ loss. Nothing could have prepared me for that. I’ve always been a generally emotionally walled up person. But just now, upon reading about the loss of a woman I follow on tumblr… I broke into tears.

I’d read briefly, a vague description of what happened before, and of course it broke my heart. But upon reading her detailed story, I could not contain my feelings. I bawled, looking at my own son and remembering how I felt when I’d once had a dream of losing him. I cannot  imagine how it must feel for that loss to be real.

Here is a secret I don’t often share. I have never felt a loss of someone who has died. I have had family members and even a distant friend die before, yes. But in my mind, it’s never truly felt as though they were dead. Simply, gone. On extended vacation. My dream I once had, was the only time I had ever felt loss. True loss. And I cannot imagine being in this woman’s position. Feeling that loss and not being able to open your eyes and realize it was just a horrible dream. To not be able to see my beloved son, smiling as I see his face for the first time that day.

I cannot imagine the strength it must take to carry on, to go home from the hospital without your child. To not even know why, find out that the hospital had not given your child half the health checks they were supposed to have before you left. And then to have the strength to try for another child. To make that decision. I can’t imagine.

This woman’s strength, and likewise, the strength of all parents facing loss, is something I cannot imagine. To be that strong. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a child. Be it a miscarriage, stillborn, a baby, child, even if your child was an adult. That is a  strength I hope I should never have to have.  A feeling I pray I should never have to feel. As the saying goes, no parent should ever have to bury their child.

I would ask that my readers go to this woman’s blog and send her a kind word, but I’ll respect her privacy. I imagine if I lost Maverick I wouldn’t want to talk to very many people.

Fluffy little diaper bums.


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Once I became a tumblring mommy, I learned a lot about cloth diapers. Now, I’ve never known anyone to use cloth diapers. There seems to be a stigma about how disgusting they are. How gross it is to clean the poo off before washing them, so on and so on.

Well, as of last night I have bought my first cloth diapers. I got a few, cheap Alvababy diapers to start with. Get used to and see if they are for us. Lord knows the amount of diapers we’ve gone through is horrendous. Bags and bags of disposable diapers. Just imagine what we could have saved, starting off with cloth diapers. Imagine how many trash bags we could have saved. Can you? I can. Because let me tell you, my son goes through so many diapers in a day it seems unnatural. Though I’m sure yours uses just as many.

Anyhow, as soon as we receive our diapers and have had a chance to try them out, I will be sure to write a review.

So, what do YOU want to know about cloth diapers? Do you use them? Or are you a disposable diaper kind of family?


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Don’t have much time to write out a long post today.

Just wanted to direct you all to a post I have at The Runaway Mama.  I answered 20 questions for her about being a mom. Be sure to check that out, check out her blog, give her a follow if you like what you see!

A letter to Maverick


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My sweet little Troll Prince,
First, I’d like to start off with a list of my favorite things about you.
  • The slow way you smile, that starts in one corner of you mouth and stretches to the other side, a beautiful and slow smirk. You will get all the ladies one day. Or guys. Or whoever you choose to love.
  • The tumbling, beautiful laughter that you have when I growl and pretend to bite your tummy.
  • Your big round eyes, staring in wonder or curiosity.
  • That silly, serious look you get when I do something silly but not serious enough to make you laugh, it makes you look like a tiny old man.
  • Your cute little toes and hands.
  • Your hair that turns red in the sunlight and curls at the ends like your father’s.
  • The way you growl at me when I growl at you or give you kisses.
  • The way you gets angry if I talk over you babbling at me.
  • Your frantic flailing at night when you’re hungry.

Everything. The little things and the big things. My son, you are amazing. You’re perfect. But don’t get cocky. You will make mistakes, you will screw up, but that is life, and we learn from these mistakes and it makes us better. And I absolutely love you. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. No matter how hard it is. No matter how frustrated I get. And I hope you always know how much you mean to me.




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